How To Use Tailwind To Skyrocket Traffic To Your Blog

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I am a busy mama. I don’t have time to be on Pinterest all day and I know you have a life and can’t be on Pinterest all the time either. So how can we maximize our time so we can still kill it on Pinterest?

By using a Pinterest Scheduler!

One of my favorite scheduling tools is called Tailwind. Today I’m going to show you my favorite features that have convinced me that Tailwind is a small business must have! 


You know that I am a huge believer in batch business related tasks. It saves so much time! Tailwind makes it SUPER easy to batch schedule all of your pins. Tailwind has a browser extension tool which is available for Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. The extension allows you to schedule your pins from any website. You also can easily schedule pins directly from Pinterest.

 How to use tailwind to skyrocket traffic to your blog. Learn how I increased my viewers by 2000% in my first two months using Tailwind. + I

Bonus Tip: Have you ever wondered what the “likes” are really for on Pinterest? For the longest time to me, they seemed pointless. One tip to speed up your scheduling is to like pins are you are browsing through Pinterest. Then when you are ready to schedule them all, click on the likes section of your profile. Open the Tailwind extension and you will have all of the pins you want to schedule on one page. This can cut your scheduling time in half!


When you sign up for a Pinterest Business account you do receive access to some amazing analytics, but Tailwinds analytics system is on steroids. 

Tailwind has a clear and useful analytics tool that will help monitor all activity on your page. You can track the number of followers by week, viral pins, top performing boards and much, much more. You can monitor your metrics on Tailwind + they will send you an overview via email each week.


When you sync your Pinterest account with Tailwind it will analyze your pins to determine what time of day is best for YOUR specific account to pin. There are general times that pins do better on Pinterest but this feature tailors them directly to your followers. This feature is invaluable! In addition to their best-timed pins, they have additional suggested times. You also have the option to add your own custom times to pin.


If you aren’t using a scheduling tool you most likely have your blog post go live and then you pin it to every group board you are a part of. In theory, it seems like a good idea, but this can come off as spammy and reduces the number of people who will actually see you pins.

With intervals, you can set your pins to be spread out over the course or minutes, hours, days or weeks. This is a much more effective way to share your posts to group boards and other related boards on your account.


Let’s say you have a pin that you want to schedule to multiple boards, or you may have similar content that was scheduled all in a row. This is where the shuffle feature comes in handy. By pushing the “Shuffle Queue” button you can shuffle your entire Pinterest schedule. This helps create a balance of the content you are sharing.

But you may be thinking, “What about the pins I want to have posted at a specific time?” Then you can use the Lock function. This will lock your pins in place so they are not moved when you shuffle your queue.


If you are like me you have a million group boards you like to pin to. Scheduling pins does save time, but this step can still feel like FOR-EV-ER (please, tell me you said this in your best “Squints” Sandlot voice.) With Tailwind you can create lists for boards that you frequently use together. Massive group board scheduling problem solved!


If you get the month to month version you are only able to pin 400 pins per month, however, if you get the annual plan your pinning is unlimited! BoardBooster is great, but you end up paying for every single pin. If you pin more than 1000 pins per month Tailwind actually ends up being less expensive than BoardBooster(+ you get all of Tailwinds analytics features).


The pin inspector shows you what pins are doing well. It shows the number of repins, likes and comments on your most recent pins. You are able to filter which pins you see by their category, board or if they are from your website. You also can search for certain terms.

Another feature of the Pin Inspector is that you can “Find Similar Content.” This will give you recommendations for pins that may coincide with your specified pin. However, in my experience, this feature is hit and miss. Sometimes there will be applicable content but many times I just skip over it.


Unfortunately, there are spammers out there and some links that look authentic will lead to trashy sites. Having these pins can be harmful to your ranking in the Pinterest smart feed. It is incredibly tedious to click through every pin to check if it links to spam content (this probably isn’t good for your computer either).

Tailwind, however, will flag pins that are missing a description, have broken links or are linked to suspicious content. From there you can either delete the pin or update it.


Another aspect of Tailwind’s analytics features is Board Insights. This shows you how well your boards are doing. Using this tool can help you tweak your strategy so you know which boards to keep pinning to and which require less interaction.


Tailwind has a new feature called tribes. These tribes are secret groups you can add your friends and other contributors too. You add your content to your Tribe and then other members of the Tribe can share your content.

This is a great way to increase repins. It also can speed up your scheduling process since you have a selection of pins readily available from members of your group. Although, Tailwind has a monthly fee using the Tribes feature is currently FREE!

P.S. Check out the growth of my Pinterest viewers within the first month and a half of using Tailwind. In that short window of time I was able to boost my viewers and engagement by over 2,000%! This has been incredibly influential in surpassing my goals for blog traffic and email subscribers.

Are you convinced yet that Tailwind is a business no-brainer? Then start your free trial and comment below which feature is your favorite!

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